This is the personal website of a bloke called Chris Phillips

Right, what's all this then?

Most recently I have been focusing on writing. I am currently working on my first full-length novel; a science fiction drama/thriller set in the near future.
Until that novel is finished (and published), you may like to read some short stories I've written.


I have been involved in the development of various websites and apps, a few notable examples are detailed below.
A few I am still involved with today in some capacity.

Short Stories

Anything (Gemory Series #1)

Contemporary Fantasy
12.4k words | ~50 mins

A prostitute tells Ben she'll do anything he wants for £50. As a joke told out of frustration after a miserable day at work, he asks her to save his struggling business. A week later, his company's profits hit a record high; the prostitute asks if he wants anything else done.

Deal with the Demon (Gemory Series #2)

Contemporary Fantasy
6.5k words | ~26 mins

Gem shows up at Ben's door five years following her departure. Upon questioning her sudden reappearance, Ben is reminded of a silly throwaway comment he made on the night she left. Ben comes to the terrible realisation that he may be in grave danger; Gem's here to honour her promise. A promise to save him.

The Gods and Us

Contemporary Fantasy
6k words | ~24 mins

What if gods from every culture and mythology on Earth lived among us as humans?
An unnatural disaster strikes the home of Jim Mason and his family. With the help of their dutiful maid, Elizabeth, Jim must do all he can to save his family from certain death.

TTS logo

Current web projects

TTS simulator tool - This tool takes advantage of demo functionality provided by numerous text-to-speech services, packaging them all in to one simple website.
Perhaps of greater interest to Twitch chatters — particularly those who donate/cheer to streamers — as it can be used to test how your dono message will sound. Hint: there's a good chance they're using "Brian" as the voice (but every other voice is also available).

This project grew a bit larger than anticipated and is now an open sourced PHP library.

Past web projects

Bottleshops.online - A huge directory of online bottleshops selling and delivering craft beer around the world. The site was born out of the pandemic and my love for craft beer and wanting to support the industry in my own way. It is no longer actively updated, but I intend to keep it online for the foreseeable future.

The GTA Place - a prominent Grand Theft Auto fansite I launched all the way back in 2002. Officially recognised by Rockstar Games in its heyday, I was very fortunate to be invited by Rockstar to New York on several occasions. The site is still online today albeit in an almost archival state.

Untappd logo

I love beer

Like, a lot.

In addition to frequent (responsible) imbibing, I'm a volunteer moderator on Untappd; a position in which I have the power to edit, merge, and delete beers/breweries where necessary, ensuring data is as accurate and complete as possible with the help of user-submitted edits.

As one of a handful of senior moderators, I'm also responsible for approving (or rejecting) merges and deletions proposed by other moderators or by breweries themselves.

To a lesser extent, I assist with admin work on RateBeer too.


Nope. Hate it.

However, you can find me on Instagram where I sometimes post short reviews of beers I've particularly enjoyed.